#ATM Transfers#

(ForPostal Accounts Only)

-Once the order is processed, system will E-mail the order number along with our postal account number to you.

-Please E-mail us the last 5 digits of your account number after transfer. We will arrange delivery upon receiving your payment info.

#PayPal Credit#

-Once the order is processed, please select PayPal, it shall automatically bring you to PayPal page.

-If you don’t have a PayPal account, please sign up first, once you’ve filled out all the required information, payment will be processed immediately; 

if you already have a PayPal account, please login to complete the payment.

-Upon completion of your payment, system will verify and arrange delivery.

-Learn more about PayPal :

#ezShip -- COD service at convenience stores.#


-Convenience stores with ezShip COD service: OK Mart,Hi-Life,Family Mart。(7-11 is currently unavailable)

-Upon completion of your order, please select ezShip and the store of your desire.

-When product(s) is delivered to the designated store, youll receivea SMS notification. 

Please bring your ID to pick up your items.

-Learn more about ezShip: